Wave Development do everything, well at least in terms of websites - we don't do pasties yet. Domain names, hosting, servers, web site building, we do it all.

We build our services up into packages to make it easy for you to pick the service you need. However you can add upgrades and services as you need to make the package customised to your needs.

All our packages are excellently priced and specced with only the highest level of equipment.

If you want more details on our packages or want to know which is the best for you just get in touch with us - we get lonely here on our own.

Our packages (all named after surfer terms for types of waves, clever aren't we) are as follows:




All of the packages have full PHP, Python and Perl support, website builder, web stats, application support, error reporting, 24/7 support and a 30 day money back guarantee.